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1334 Just Be Glad 




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Just Be Glad 



The New Literature Publishing Company 
Los Angeles. California 


Christian D. Larson 


By The Same Author: 
























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B E 


LL things respond to the 
call of rejoicing; all things 
gather where life is a song. 
This is the message of 
the new order, the new life 
and the new time. It is the golden text 
of the great gospel of human sunshine. 
It is the central truth of that sublime 
philosophy of existence, which de- 
clares that the greatest good is happi- 
ness, and that heaven is here and now. 
To live in the spirit of this wonder- 
ful message ; to be a living example of 
this great gospel, to work out in every- 
day life the principle of this inspiring 
philosophy, the first and most import- 
ant thing to do, is to lay aside our sor- 
rows and glooms, and just be glad. 

Wherever you are, or whatever has 
happened, just be glad. Be glad be- 
cause you are here. You are here in a 
beautiful world; and all that is beauti- 


ful may be found in this world. It is 
a world wherein all that is rich in life 
may be enjoyed beyond measure; 
a world wherein happiness may over- 
flow eternally in every human heart ; a 
world wherein all the dreams of life 
may be realized, and all the visions of 
the soul made true. Then why should 
we not be glad ; first of all, that we are 
here ; that we are in this world ; that 
we may stay here for a long time if we 
so desire, and enjoy every minute to 
the full. 

The real truth is that this world is 
nothing less than a limitless sea of 
happiness, the vastness and glory of 
which we are just beginning to know. 
And life itself is a song, while time is 
one eternal symphony. To be in tune 
with life, therefore, and to be in har- 
mony with the endless music of time, 
we must of necessity be glad. But 
after we have learned to be glad, 

under every circumstance, it is no 
longer a necessity; it is a privilege, 
and has become a part of our active, 
living, thinking self. 

Just be glad, and you always will 
be glad. You will have better reason 
to be glad. You will have more and 
more things to make you glad. For 
great is the power of sunshine, espe- 
cially human sunshine. It can change 
anything, transform anything, re-make 
anything, and cause anything to be- 
come as fair and beautiful as itself. 

Just be glad and your fate will 
change; a new life will begin and a 
new future will dawn for you. All 
things that are good and desirable 
will begin to come into your world in 
greater measure, and you will be en- 
riched far beyond your expectations, 
both from the without and from the 
within. And the cause of the change 
is this, that all things respond to the 

call of rejoicing; all things gather 
where life is a song. 

When you are tempted to feel dis- 
couraged or disappointed, be glad in- 
stead. Know that you can, say that 
you will, and stand uncompromisingly 
upon your resolve. Be strong and be 
glad. For when strength and rejoic- 
ing combine in your soul, every trace 
of gloom or despair must disappear; 
because such conditions can exist only 
where weakness is the rule and mas- 
tery the exception. 

Combine strength with rejoicing 
and you will exercise a magic power — 
you will possess a secret that will 
serve you royally no matter what your 
difficulties or obstacles may be. All 
joy is light; and it is the light that dis- 
pels the darkness. 

When things are not to your liking, 
be glad nevertheless, for the glad heart 
can cause all things to be as we wish 



them to be. When things do not give 
you pleasure, proceed instead to create 
pleasure in your own heart and soul. 
And you can if you will always be 
glad. Besides, things will soon change 
for the better if you continue in the 
spirit of rejoicing. It is the law that 
all good things will sooner or later 
come and be, where the greatest hap- 
piness is to be found. Therefore, be 
happiness in yourself, regardless of 
times, seasons or circumstances. 

When things do not please you, re- 
solve to please yourself by being glad, 
and you can add immeasurably to 
your happiness in this simple manner. 
Then you must remember that the 
fountain of joy within your own soul 
is infinitely greater than all external 
sources of joy combined. But as far 
as we can, we should add the joys 
from without to the joys from within, 
and in all things be glad. 


Rejoice in your strength, rejoice in 
your talents and powers, rejoice in the 
wonders of your own nature. For 
there is far more in you than you ever 
dreamed. So whatever may come, you 
are greater than it all, richer than it 
all. And knowing this, why should 
you not be glad. 

When evil befalls you, consider the 
fact that the good that is yet in your 
possession is many times as great as 
all the evil you could ever know. Con- 
sider this stupendous fact and be glad. 
Then remember, with rejoicing, that 
neither evil nor wrong can exist very 
long in the radiant sunshine of a glad 
triumphant soul. 

If you have lost anything, have no 
regrets. Be glad and begin again. Be 
glad that you can begin again. Be 
glad to know that the future is always 
richer and better than the past if we 
only try to make it so. Then forget 


the loss, and rejoice in the fact that 
you have the power to secure some- 
thing far better in return. You know 
that you have this power; then you 
can never be otherwise than glad. 

Whatever comes or not, sing again 
and again the song of "the soul victor- 
ious" ; and mean it with your whole 
heart. Enter into this song with all 
the power of mind and spirit, for it is 
always that which we know and sin- 
cerely believe that contains the greater 
worth and power. 

When you resolve to be glad at all 
times and under every circumstance, 
resolve also to give your whole heart 
and soul to the spirit of your rejoic- 
ing. Give power to your gladness, and 
give life to your song. Open the way 
for all the sunshine of your soul ; and 
see that every sunbeam from within 
be one of power as well as one of joy. 


It is the full joy of the soul that 
makes the heart young and the mind 
great. For as it is in nature, so it is 
also in man. It is the full glory of the 
noonday sun that quickens the earth, 
that makes the fields green, that causes 
the flowers to bloom. Where the sun 
is strong all growth is luxurious and 
all nature bountiful. It is the same 
when the sunshine of the soul is full, 
strong and constant in the daily life 
of man. So therefore rejoice with 
great joy. Rejoice always and give 
life and power to your joy. 

There is magic in the sunshine of 
the soul ; there is a charmed power in 
the radiant splendor of a beaming 
countenance. Such a countenance can 
dispel anything that may threaten to 
give disappointment or dismay. So 
remember to be glad and mean it. It 
is the greatest remedy in the world, 
and the greatest protector in the 


world. It can harm nothing for it 
turns all wrong into right. It is the 
sunshine from within that causes all 
darkness to cease to be. It therefore 
brings good to everybody, and he who 
is always glad is always adding to the 
welfare of every member of the race. 

When fate seems unkind, do not be 
unkind to yourself by becoming dis- 
heartened or dismayed. Instead, re- 
joice in the great fact that you are 
greater and stronger than any fate ; 
that you have the power to master 
your whole life, and determine your 
destiny according to your own invin- 
cible will. Then resolve that you will 
begin at once to prove that strength, 
and cause all the elements of fate to 
come with you, and work with you, in 
building for that greater future which 
you have so often longed for in your 
visions and dreams. 


Therefore, whatever your fate may 
be, just be glad. You can change it 
all. And as you proceed to exercise 
this divine right, the darkness of to- 
day will become the sunshine of to- 
morrow, and the disappointments of 
the present will become the pastures 
green of the future. 

When calamities or catastrophies 
have overtaken your life, do not think 
that fate or Providence has ordered it 
so. Do not think that it has to be. 
Instead, forget the sorrow and the loss, 
and congratulate yourself over the 
fact that you now have the privilege 
to build for greater things than you 
ever knew before. Do not weep over 
loss; but rejoice to think that now you 
are called upon to prove the greater 
wisdom and power within you. You 
have been taken out into a new world. 
Before you lie vast fields of undevel- 
oped and unexplored opportunities — ■ 



B E 


fields that you would not have known 
had not this seeming misfortune come 
upon you. So count it all joy. All 
things are working together for a 
greater good. Now it is for you to 
come forward in joy and accept the 
greater good. A richer life and a 
greater future are in store. There- 
fore, rejoice and be glad, and give 
strength to your rejoicing. Let your 
soul repeat again and again that sweet 
re-assuring refrain — just be glad. In 
that refrain there is comfort and 
peace; it lifts the burdens, removes the 
clouds, dispels the gloom ; it takes 
away the sadness and the loss, and all 
is well again. And naturally so, for 
all things respond to the call of rejoic- 
ing; all things gather where life is a 

There is more to live for than you 
ever imagined. Thus far most of us 
have only touched the merest surface 


of human existence ; we are only on 
the verge of the splendor of life as it 
is ; we are standing on the outside, so 
to speak, of the real mansion of mind 
and soul ; and one reason is we live 
too much in the limitations of our dis- 
appointments, our lost opportunities, 
our blasted hopes, our vanquished 
dreams. We remain in that small 
world, deploring fate, when, if we 
would only permit mind and soul to 
take wings and go out upon the vast- 
ness of real existence, we would find, 
not only freedom, but a life infinitely 
richer than we had ever dreamed. 

But if mind and soul are to take 
wings in this fashion, we must learn 
to be glad. The heart that lives in 
disappointments is heavy. It will sink 
into the lowlands, and remain among 
the marshes and the bogs. But the 
glad heart ascends to the mountain 
tops. Therefore it is when we have 



such a heart that we can go out in 
search of new worlds, new opportuni- 
ties, new possibilities, new joys. And 
the glad heart always finds that for 
which it goes in search. The reason 
is simple; for all things respond to 
the call of rejoicing; all things gather 
where life is a song. 

The great soul is always in search 
of ways and means for adding to the 
welfare of others. But no way is bet- 
ter, greater or more far-reaching than 
this — just be glad. 

Life becomes worth the living only 
when the living of life makes living 
more worth while for an ever increas- 
ing number. It is only the joys we 
share that give happiness; it is only 
the thoughts we express that enrich 
our own minds ; it is only the strength 
we use in actual helpfulness that 
makes our own souls strong. There- 
fore, to add to the pleasures of others, 

.= r- 



is to add to our own pleasure; to add 
to the wealth and comfort of others 
is to add in like manner to our own. 
This the great soul knows ; and every 
soul is great that has learned to be 
glad regardless of what may come or 
go in the world. 

To be glad at all times is to be of 
greater service to mankind than any 
other thing that we can do. If we have 
not the power or ability to apply our- 
selves more tangibly in behalf of oth- 
ers, we can instead be glad. We can 
always give sunshine. And we shall 
find that just being glad is frequently 
sufficient, even when needs seem great 
and circumstances extreme. In most 
instances it is all the world wants; 
but it does want human sunshine so 
much, that those who can give it at all 
times need not do anything else to 
reap immortal fame. 




B E 


Surround us with an abundance of 
human sunshine, and the day's work 
will easily be done; we shall, with far 
less effort, overcome our obstacles ; 
our troubles will largely be removed, 
and our burdens entirely laid aside. 
Give us the privilege to work to the 
music of rejoicing and our work will 
become a pleasure; every duty will 
become a privilege, and all we do will 
be well done. This is the way the 
world thinks and feels. So therefore 
be glad. Give an abundance of human 
sunshine everywhere and always, and 
you will please the world immensely. 

Then turn to the home. Can we 
picture anything more beautiful than 
a home where every soul therein is a 
sunbeam ; where every countenance is 
ever lit up with the light of rejoicing; 
where every word spoken rings with 
the music of love; and where every 





thought, uttered or unexpressed, is 
inspired by the spirit of joy. 

It is in such a home that the beauti- 
ful, the great and the wonderful in 
human nature will grow; it is in such 
a home that our highest ideals will be 
realized and the divine within find full 
and resplendent expression. But it is 
not necessary to describe the pleas- 
ures and privileges of such a home; 
only to say that if you want such a 
home, just be glad. 

Then consider again the worker, and 
where the workers must gather ; what a 
power for good human sunshine would 
be in such a place. Consider how 
all things change when the glad soul 
arrives, and how all work lightens 
when the spirit of joy is abroad. And 
every man has the power to dispense 
the spirit of joy wherever he may work 
or live. Every man can ease the ways 
of others in this remarkable manner; 



B E 


and the secret is simple — just be glad. 

The work you do, be it with mind or 
muscle, invariably conveys the spirit 
of your own soul. Therefore work in 
the spirit of joy and your work will 
be the product of joy — a rare product 
— the best of its kind. 

It is the man who blends rejoicing 
with his work who does the best work ; 
it is the man who deeply and sincerely 
enjoys his work who gives the great- 
est worth to his work ; and the more 
worth we give to our work the more 
of the rich and the worthy our work 
will bring to us. 

We realize therefore that it is profit- 
able in every way to learn to be glad. 
But it is not only profitable to our- 
selves ; also to all others that we may 
reach through word or deed. Then the 
profit that comes from the art of being 
glad is never the result of selfishness. 
The glad heart is never selfish. The 


sunbeam does not dance and sing to 
please its own restricted desire; it does 
what it does because it is what it is — 
a happy, carefree sunbeam. It is the 
same with the glad heart, it sings be- 
cause it has become the spirit of song; 
and all are charmed with the song. 

No selfish heart can really be glad. 
No soul that acts solely for personal 
gain can enter the spirit of joy; and 
no man who seeks only his own pleas- 
ure and comfort can ever take part in 
the music of rejoicing. And yet, the 
glad heart receives far more of every- 
thing of worth in life than does the 
one who forgets gladness in pursuit of 
gain for self alone. And again the 
answer is simple. For all things re- 
spond to the call of rejoicing; all 
things gather where life is a song. 




B E 


E glad for the things you 
have, and you will find you 
have far more than you 
thought. Then you will not 
miss, in the least, the things 
you have not. Besides, the happier 
you are over what has come to you, 
the more and the more will come to 
you in the future. This is indeed a 
great secret, and if universally applied 
would cause want to disappear from 
the face of the whole earth. 

Be glad, for nothing is as serious as 
it seems to be. Then remember that 
sunshine can banish any gloom ; and 
you can create in yourself all the sun- 
shine you need ; so just be glad. 

When trouble and misfortunes sur- 
round you, just be glad. The glad 
heart and the cheerful soul alwavs 
make things better. It is the happy 
tieart that has the most courage; it is 


ihe joyous soul that has the greatest 
power; and it is the presence of sun- 
shine that keeps darkness and gloom 

• When things go wrong, do not be- 
come disheartened; it is much easier 
to set them right when your soul is 
full of sunshine; so just be glad. It 
is the best way out. 

When all seems lost, remember that 
it requires strength to regain every- 
thing; and it is the glad heart that re- 
mains strong. When the heart sad- 
dens, weakness will overtake you, and 
it will not be possible to regain your 
position. So therefore be glad regard- 
less of what may transpire. It is one 
of the royal paths to everything that 
life holds dear. 

But sadness does not merely bring 
weakness, it also brings illness, and 
age, and it shortens the length of our 
days. In gladness, however, there is 


health and youth, strength and lon- 
gevity. The glad heart will not grow 
old, nor can illness ever enter where 
the spirit of joy is supreme. 

When in pain, be glad ; and you can. 
Be glad that you are greater than pain. 
Be glad that pain has come to prevent 
you from going wrong. Be glad that 
you can prevent all pain in the future. 
And be glad that it is wholly impossi- 
ble for pain to come any more after 
gladness has become the rule of your 

For your own advancement, be glad. 
The spirit of joy is the spirit that 
makes the heart kind, the soul strong 
and the mind brilliant. It is this spirit 
that makes for greatness, for noble- 
ness, for excellence, for worth. We 
repeat it, therefore, just be glad. 

Would you be a pleasure and a de- 
light to others, then be glad always. 



And would you add to the measure of 
your own joy, then give all the joy 
you can to the largest possible num- 
ber. This you can do by living more 
and more in the spirit of that joy that 
is in itself the essence of real joy. And 
it is better to become the living in- 
carnation of this spirit than to possess 
all the wealth in the world. It is bet- 
ter to have attained to perpetual glad- 
ness than to have become the crowned 
monarch of an entire solar system. 
The reason is simple. The glad heart 
is the sunshine of all life, a benedic- 
tion to every man, a perpetual bless- 
ing to everything in creation. 

Inspire every atom in your own 
being to thrill with the spirit of joy; 
not the joy of sentiment, but the joy 
of strength, of triumph, of victory — 
the joy that inwardly feels its power 
sublime as the soul ascends in mas- 
terful mien to the splendor of empy- 


rean heights. It is such a joy that 
makes life a power, a blessing, an in- 
spiration. And it is such a joy that 
comes perpetually to him who causes 
his soul to repeat again and again, 
that sweet reassuring refrain — just be 

Sing ever the song of triumph, of 
victory, of freedom — the song that de- 
clares the supremacy of the spirit over 
all that may be temporal or wrong. 
Sing the song of the soul rising above 
adversity or loss, proclaiming its free- 
dom over all that is or is to be. When 
the soul continues to sing in this 
triumphant manner, all the elements 
of life follow the music of that which 
is always well; and in such a spirit 
everything must be always well. 

Be glad, and smile with the smile 
that is sincere, the smile that shines 
just as sweetly and as naturally as 
the sunbeam. It is such a smile that 


is a smile indeed; it is such a smile 
that comes from the soul — from the 
soul that is ever singing — just be glad. 
And how soon such a smile can change 
the world. 

Meet adversity with such a smile; 
charm away tribulation with such a 
smile bursting forth into song; and let 
the music of the soul restore peace, 
love and harmony where these might 
have been absent. Then be stronger 
than adversity; rise superior to tribu- 
lation, and know that you are infinitely 
greater than all that is unfortunate or 

In the midst of adversity combine 
strength with rejoicing, and fate must 
change. Before that music of the soul 
that is so high and so strong that it 
stirs the depth of every soul, all the 
world pays homage on a bended knee. 
And wisely, because such a power can 
change anything, transform anything, 

M — "" ~~" 


elevate anything, emancipate any- 

Go forth therefore into life with 
strength in your soul and music in 
your soul, and the future shall steadily 
and surely shape itself to comply with 
your dearest wishes and your highest 
aspirations. Array yourself in the 
strength of truth, conviction, courage, 
faith, resolution, victory and triumph ; 
and add to these another raiment — the 
music of gladness — and yours will be 
a life rilled with glory, power and light. 

The spirit of gladness when com- 
bined with the spirit of strength, will 
enlarge the mind, expand the soul, and 
enrich all thought and life ; it is the 
moving mystery from within that 
makes everything good in human na- 
ture grow; that makes man noble and 
great ; that makes human existence a 
world of immeasurable richness and 
sublime worth. It is the same spirit 


that makes life "a thing of beauty and 
a joy forever;" that makes the love"y 
and the true become the tangible and 
h ^eal; that causes all things we have 

world ^i 1 C ° me f0rth int ° our 
world m abundance. Therefore be elad 

when you feel strong, and be strong I, 
when you feel glad; and always know 
that you can. 

Whatever your present position may 

♦ . el i? ' S a Way from where you now 
stand that leads to better things and 

kn 6 e ater f "^ f ° r y ° U than ?™ ever 
knew. So what happenS; ^ 

fhint" T lnthes P irit of gladness; 

be 1 I " SPm £ ° { j ° y; thllS y°« Will 

be able to see the royal path, for the 
nund that is illumined with gladness 
„ ne . ver f ' n ^e dark, never under the 
clouds of doubt or dismay. 

When overtaken with calamity or , 
tribulation, come forth undaunted and 
undismayed. Inspire the soul to reach 


B E 


for the high realms of victory and joy; 
and hold fast to that lofty position even 
though the whole world seem to dis- 
appear beneath your feet. With such 
a victory for your strong inspiration, 
your own soul will prove more than 
sufficient for all that life may demand 
of you. 

Then remember that mankind stands 
ready to welcome and exalt every soul 
whose strength is greater than any cir- 
cumstance, whose joy is greater than 
any tribulation, and whose faith is 
greater than all doubts and failures in 
the world. 

When your plans cannot be carried 
through at present, do not feel down- 
cast or discouraged. Just be glad. 
Give gladness to your mind and you 
give clearness to your mind ; and a 
clear mind can see how to evolve bet- 
ter plans. 


« — 


When your dreams do not come true 
and your ideals do not become real, 
refuse to be sad or disconsolate. In- 
stead, rejoice with great joy to know 
that you are greater than your dreams, 
and wholly sufficient unto yourself re- 
gardless of what may transpire in the 
real or the ideal. Thus you will give 
expression to that greater power with- 
in you which surely can make your 
ideals real and make all your dreams 
come true. 

Prove that your cherished dreams 
are not necessary to your happiness, 
and all of those dreams will come true. 
Prove that you do not need the things 
you want, and you will get them, pro- 
vided of course that you give all that 
is in you to the life you live. Prove 
that you already are sufficient in your- 
self, and have sufficient in the richness 
of your own world, and more and more 
will gather for you, both in the within 



B E 


and in the without. It is much gath- 
ering more ; much in the within gath- 
ering more everywhere ; it is your own 
strength inspiring all things to come 
with strength; it is the spirit of the 
great life aroused in yourself causing 
all things of greatness and worth to 
come and gather in the entire world 
of your own life. And it is in this 
spirit that we live and move and have 
our being, when the soul continues to 
sing that sweet reassuring refrain — 
just be glad. 

Whatever may be, therefore, or 
come to pass, continue in the spirit of 
this refrain. For to live in the music 
of such a refrain is to enjoy life infin- 
itely more than it was ever enjoyed be- 
fore. And that in itself is much indeed. 
Besides, be glad whatever happens, 
and something better will happen. 
When the good happens, let the soul 
sing with rejoicing; then greater good 



fii— «— 

will happen, and there will be cause for 
greater rejoicing. When that which is 
not good happens, let the soul sing in 
the same triumphant spirit, and the 
power of that spirit will cause all ills 
to vanish as darkness before the glory 
of the morn. 

Remove the cause of sadness by giv- 
ing all the elements of life to the spirit 
of joy. Smile away the darkness and 
the gloom ; sing away the discord and 
the pain ; banish tribulation with re- 
joicing; then you may in truth be 
joyous and be glad; and every hour 
of your long and triumphant life will 
add new evidence to that great inspir- 
ing statement — all things respond to 
the call of rejoicing; all things gather 
where life is a song. 





B E 


HETHER we believe that 
life was made for happiness 
or that happiness was made 
for life, matters not. The 
fact remains that he alone 
can live the most and enjoy the 
best who takes for his motto — just 
be glad. Whatever comes, or what- 
ever may fail to come, this one 
thing he will always remember — 
just be glad. Though every mind in 
the world may give darkness, his will 
continue to give light; and though all 
may be lost, so there seems nothing 
more to give, he will not forget to give 

The one great thing to do under 
every circumstance and in the midst of 
every event is this — just be glad. 
Wherever you may be, add sunshine. 
Whatever your position may be, be 
also a human sunbeam. What a dif- 
ference when the sunbeam comes in; 


then why should the sunbeam remain 

There is a sunbeam in every heart. 
Why hide it at any time? Does not the 
world need your smiles? Is not every- 
body made happier and better when in 
the presence of a radiant countenance? 
Do. we ever forget the face that shines 
as the sun? And does not such a mem- 
ory continue to give us strength and 
inspiration all through the turnings 
and complexities of life? We are not 
here to give sadness, but joy. We were 
not made to hide our souls in a dark 
thunder cloud, but to let the spirit 
shine in all its splendor and beauty. 
We are made to make life an endless 
song, and the sweet refrain of that 
beautiful song is — just be glad. 

When things go wrong, just be glad. 
It is sunshine that brings forth the 
flowers from the cold and soggy earth. 
It is light-heartedness that puts to 


flight the burdens of life. It is the 
smile of human sweetness that dis- 
pels the chilly night of isolation and 
brings friendship and love to the 
bosom of the yearning soul. Then 
why be sad when gladness can do so 
much? Why be sad for a single mo- 
ment when the smile of a single mo- 
ment has the power even to change 
the course of human destiny. We all 
remember how soon a smile of God 
can change the world. Why not al- 
ways live in that magical smile and 
just be glad? Then we should remem- 
ber that all things respond to the song 
of rejoicing; all things gather where 
life is a song. 

Do you think that life is too difficult 
for smiles, and that you have too much 
to pass through to ever have happi- 
ness? Then remember that the glad 
heart knows no difficulty. The sun- 
beam even smiles at darkness, and 



converts the blackness of the storm 
into a brilliant rainbow. Just be glad, 
and your tears shall also become a 
bow of promise ; yes, and more, for in 
that promise you shall discern the un- 
mistakable signs of a brighter day 
upon the coming morn. , 

Do not think that happiness must 
keep its distance so long as you have 
so much to pass through. The more 
you have to pass through, the more 
you need happiness. It is the shining 
countenance that never turns back; it 
is the glad heart that finds strength 
to go on ; it is the mind with the most 
sunshine that can see the most clearly 
where to go and how to act that the 
goal in view may be gained. 

Just be glad, and half the burden is 
gone. Just be glad, and your work be- 
comes mostly pleasure. Just be glad, 
and you take the keenest delight in 



meeting even the greatest of obstacles 
and the most difficult of problems. 

When you meet reverses, just be 
glad; for do we not again remember 
how soon a smile of God can change 
the world? It is not gloom that dis- 
pels darkness; it is not disconsolance 
that makes the mind brilliant and the 
soul strong. But if we would turn the 
tide of ill fortune we need all our bril- 
liancy and all our strength. To master 
fate, to conquer destiny, to make life 
our own, we must be all there is in us 
to be. Then we must remember that 
it is sunshine that makes the flowers 
grow, and that transforms the acorn 
into a great and massive oak. Every- 
thing in nature, and in man, the crown- 
ing glory of nature, responds with 
pleasure to the magic touch of the 
smiling sunbeam. For again we must 
remember that all things respond to 


the call of rejoicing; all things gather 
where life is a song. 

Promise yourself that whatever may 
come you will always remember — just 
be glad. When good things come into 
life, gladness will make them better. 
When things come that should not 
have come, gladness will so brighten 
your mind that you can see clearly how 
to turn everything to good account. 
Whatever happens or not, just be glad, 
and it will be much better than it pos- 
sibly could have been otherwise. 
Therefore, gladness is not a mere sen- 
timent. It pays. It is not a luxury for 
the favored few alone. It is a necessity 
that all should secure in abundance. 

If it is your belief that there is noth- 
ing in your life for which you can just- 
ly be glad, stop and count your bless- 
ings. You will surprise yourself; and 
you will then and there resolve never 
to depreciate yourself again. Hence- 


forth, you will find it easier to be glad ; 
and you will also find that the more 
things you are glad for, the more things 
you will have to be glad for. Gladness 
is a magnet and it draws more and 
more of everything that can increase 
gladness. Just be glad — always and 
under every circumstance, and nothing 
shall be withheld from you that can add 
to your welfare and happiness. 

Should you find it easy to be glad 
when things go right, and difficult to 
be glad when things go wrong, you 
are not creating your own sunshine ; 
and it is only the sunshine that we 
create ourselves, in our own world, 
that makes things grow in our own 
world. Be glad because you want to 
be glad, regardless of events, and you 
will have found that fountain of joy 
within that is ever ready to overflow. 
Be glad at all times because it is best 
to be glad at all times; and be glad in 


the presence of everything because 
gladness makes it better for every- 

Just be glad, and the world will be 
kind to you. The sunbeam has no 
occasion for regrets. It is always 
welcome; it is always loved. Just be 
glad, and you will have friends with- 
out number; and it is he who has 
many friends — friends that are good 
and true, who finds everything that 
is rich and beautiful in human exist- 
ence. Just be glad, and you will be 
sought for, far and wide. The world 
is not looking for gloom and depres- 
sion; it is looking for sunshine and 

Just be glad, even though the whole 
world be against you, and all the ele- 
ments of nature be in a conspiracy to 
place you in the hands of destruction. 
Even at such a time, just be glad. 
Thus you prove your strength. And 



I , , 

— I — t — ? i • .... 

. . 

: •.■.•.••■•• 


he who can prove that he is stronger 
than any adversary, will win the re- 
spect — yes, and the friendship, of 
every adversary. What was against 
you will be for you. And this was 
your secret — you refused to be down- 
cast, you refused to weaken, you re- 
fused to be less than your greatest 
self — even when everything seemed 
lost, you were strong enough to be 
true to all that you knew to be true, 
and you tuned your life to the music of 
that sweetest of all refrains — just be 
glad. Because you were glad, even 
when there was nothing to make you 
glad, you proved that you deserved 
everything that has the power to make 
you glad. And that which we truly 
deserve must come to remain as our 

Just be glad. Whether there is any- 
thing to be glad for or not, just be 
glad. It is the royal path to happiness. 


— «■ ' I " I I 1 

r , r . ' . . < . . , , 1 


It is the royal path to all that is 
worthy and beautiful in life. Above 
all things, possess gladness, and you 
will soon possess those things that 
produce gladness. Be your own sun- 
beam, and you will attract a million 
sunbeams. Be your own source of 
your own joy, and you will attract 
everything and everybody that can 
add to your joy. To him that hath 
shall be given. And he already hath 
who has found the riches of his own 
nature. To find those riches is the 
first step. All else must follow. All 
other things will be added. And to 
find those riches, use well every talent 
you possess. Then whatever comes, 
just be glad. For all things respond 
to the call of rejoicing; all things 
gather where life is a song. 


• ' 




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